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Three Great Winter Remodeling Projects

During the summer time we have more light during the day and warmer weather to inspire us to start home improvement projects.  This year, instead of putting off all your ideas and hibernating during the winter, think about the incentives of remodeling during the winter and plan out some basic projects. 

The Advantages

Because people don’t undertake many home improvement projects during the winter, remodeling contractors are much less busy than normal. This means that they will be offering lower prices for jobs, and that there will be more contractors available to meet with.

By focusing on the inside of your home during the winter, you free up time to worry about the exterior over the summer. Outdoor projects usually take up more time and effort, so it is good to already have work done to keep yourself motivated.

Project Ideas

Insulation– insulating your home is always a longstanding beneficial project to undertake. It allows you to continue to cut energy costs, and if done early enough, will provide you a warmer winter. The top areas to be insulated tend to be the attic and the basement. If you have the means, putting in new and more insulated doors and windows is a great investment to better the energy efficiency of your home.

Basement Remodeling

Remodeling your basement is one of the great indoor projects that won’t open up your house to the elements. Also, because the air will be less humid, the exposed parts of your basement are less likely to have mold form on them, making this a home improvement project that is most advantageous to be done during the winter.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling

As long as the job doesn’t entail opening your room up to the outdoors, kitchen and bathroom remodeling are very common winter remodeling projects. Both small projects, like repainting, or big projects like replacing cabinets or units, are great investments and an efficient way to lead your household remodeling into the new year and summer.


winter remodeling project


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