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Things You Should Know When Building A Finished Basement

There are a few things that must be considered about the general state of your basement before deciding to refinish it. Determining which parts of your basement need to be considered will help you decide how to go about building a lovely, tasteful finished basement. Follows is a list of things to think about before delving into remodeling.

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Basements Need to be Dry and Temperate

Water can seep into your basement through many different avenues. If you have cracks in your foundation, ground water can easily penetrate the crumbling cement. Drips coming from the below grade walls can add to a basement’s moisture. If you see any signs of these, repairs must be done immediately before thinking to refinish your basement.  Insulation can help with moisture control, as well as keeping your basement warm. It is important to choose insulation with a vapor barrier on both sides. If you find that moisture is still an issue once you’ve finished your basement, create a slight offset from the outside wall by adding thin slats of wood called furring strips. This will help keep moisture out. An overly wet basement will grow mold in hidden areas, this is why it must be dry and temperate before moving forward.

Are Permits Required?

If you’re installing plumbing, or electrical work that may need to be inspected, permits are required. Get in touch with your local municipality to learn the specific type of permit you need. A drop ceiling will conceal electrical and plumbing lines, and it is quite easy to remove tiles to access these lines. Be sure to consider such a ceiling if you are installing plumbing and electric.

Some Suggestions For your Finished Basement

  • Fastening– basement floors are made from some rough stuff. Not easily penetrated, when incorporating framing you’ll need to obtain a proper fastener and anchors for your wall type (cement, block, brick etc). A shotgun fastener can be easily used to fire fasteners into tough concrete.
  • Recessed Lighting- Light bulbs that sit in a concave fixture are best for refinishing your basement. They don’t take up overhead space like a convex fixture would, and are easy to install with a drop ceiling.
  • The floor will be cold, no matter what– This is why the installation of heating vents at the floor level is important. Make sure you aren’t relying on space heaters, as basements aren’t the best warmth insulators.
  • Don’t finish the Utility Room– Be sure to keep the space where the water heater and HVAC system are unfinished. These areas have code requirements for spacing/framing and easy access to them is important.

Your Refinished Basement will look great if you consider all of these things beforehand. A finished basement is a daunting task, but the extra space and cozy hide-away will add comfort to your home. Allow trained professionals to assist you in budgeting your goals, creating a custom home improvement plan for you, and updating you in a timely manner on all aspects of your projects. To inquire about how C.C. Dietz can help you finish your basement, or to learn more about basement renovation, click here. You can also fill out this form and we can schedule a meeting to go over your exciting home improvement plans!

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