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A Few Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Embarking On A Kitchen Remodel

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Designing the perfect kitchen is easier than you think.

Choosing to remodel your kitchen is one of the most exciting and intimidating things you can do as a homeowner. Unfortunately, many homeowners rush the kitchen remodel process and end up with major mistakes or a kitchen that they are less-than-happy with. Here are some of the most common kitchen remodel mistakes that homeowners make and how to prevent them from happening to you!

Are You Staying in Your Home?

If you are completing a kitchen remodel to add value to your home before selling but also planning to stay there for at least five more years, don’t waste time focusing only on aspects that future homeowners will love. Many people want to maximize their kitchen value for a resale, but the value of your kitchen (and the things homebuyers are looking for) will radically change over the next five or more years. Put yourself and what you’re looking for first.

Are You Able to Do What You Want?

It sounds silly, but many homeowners have dreams of massive open kitchens that aren’t quite possible with their existing home. Load-bearing walls and the existing architecture of your home might prevent the kitchen remodel you dream of from happening. Research what is possible and plausible before pining after a kitchen remodel that can’t safely become yours.

Are You Trying to Skimp on Cabinets?

It’s very tempting to spend less on cabinets during a kitchen remodel since they are so extraordinarily expensive. However, one of the biggest points of value in your kitchen now and in the future is your cabinetry! Invest in high-quality cabinets and they will not only provide you with a ton of value, they will also add a ton of value to your home.

Are You Insisting on Expensive Appliances?

It’s always a good idea to invest in good quality appliances, but always choosing the most expensive option isn’t the best idea. Make sure that you choose appropriate appliances for your cooking and baking habits instead of simply choosing the fanciest or shiniest option.

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