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The Versatility of Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are long horizontal tiles with a small grout line and uniform surface. Used extensively in Victorian style interiors, subway tiles are back in, and were noted as a current design trend at the National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s 2012 Coty Awards.


While the idea of subway tiles may seem simple in concept, they’re actually very versatile, both in style and in usage. Designs can range from simple and modern, to detailed and ornate. Different colors and sizes can be combined to create interesting patterns that are both aesthetically pleasing and unique.


Another versatile aspect of subway tiles is their ability to be used in almost any room in the home. Subway tiles work well in kitchens, either as the dominant tile or for a design above a stove. Bathrooms are another great place for subway tiles, as are dining rooms, hallways, and even outdoor patios. Check out this gallery of 30 examples of subway tile designs in the kitchen at this link. Overall, subway tiles are a great fit on almost any wall in the house.


subway tiles



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