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The Top Trends For 2019

Kitchen Design Trends

Check out the top kitchen design trends for 2019!

New Years is right around the corner which means there are some new kitchen trends happening in the world of custom remodels. In fact, being on the forefront of what’s hot can allow you to redesign your home in a way that really makes it stand out and provide the most bang for your buck. Here are just a few of the top trends hitting the scene in 2019.

Pops Of Color

2018 was all about neutrals. However, 2019 is bringing in a whole different thing- with color. In fact, vibrant colors are coming back in a big way. Kitchens in 2019 will see bold colors throughout. Whether it’s color blocking or just painting the place in a vibrant, bold hue, there are a wide array of ways that homeowners can incorporate this trend into their kitchen design.

A Blending In Of All Appliances

Say bye-bye to stainless steel. The new thing in kitchens is to blend all appliances with the cabinets and the entire kitchen itself. In fact, we are likely to see a dramatic rise in this trend in 2019. Even the smaller appliances- think coffee makers and microwaves are getting a face lift in order to actually blend into the surrounding cabinetry. This style is increasingly popular among homeowners who end up spending a lot of their time in the kitchen- whether entertaining or cooking with the entire family. This trend can easily bring in a homely feel to any space in no time.

Super-Smart Kitchen Technology

There was no way we were going to have a trends list and not include something about smart-home technology. We are seeing this trend in all facets of a home. And now, we are finally seeing smart home technology being incorporated into the design of custom kitchens. People have continued to expect their homes to do it all- without lifting a finger. In fact, smart appliances are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. With ovens that can notify users when the roast has reached the proper temperature to a coffee maker that can brew your coffee with a with a touch of a finger via your smartphone.

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