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The Process of Building a Custom Home, Pt. 1

If you ever dreamed as a child of growing up to own your own home with a dance studio, home theater, indoor pool, workshop, custom kitchen, or game room in it, than custom home building is your best potential avenue to achieve those dreams. While eventually owning a home of your own, to decorate and use as you please, is a large part of attaining the American Dream, custom home building elevates the entire experience.  

building a custom home

Building a custom home may seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

The process of building a custom home may seem daunting, but it is simple to take the first steps. Firstly, before you do anything else, you must organize your finances. Following these steps will have you prepared for the process of custom home building so you can have the home of your dreams.   

Dispelling Custom Home Building Misconceptions

People automatically assume that custom home building is innately so expensive that most people cannot afford it, but this is not true and depends entirely on you. A custom home is not necessarily more expensive than a newly build or existing home. Factors such as its size, the land you buy or already own, the design, quality of materials, and where you purchase them from will all impact the final price of the home you create. You will also not have to spend large sums on remodelling in the future, because the home will already be tailored for you from the start. It is important to research and know exactly what you want for your custom home, in order to determine a budget before you start.

Financing Custom Home Building

Often, when it comes to the process of building a custom home, you must first finance it with a construction loan. Not all lenders offer these loans, so they are not always simple to come by. If you do not already own the land which you wish to build on, you may need to finance the purchase of the land and the custom home building project separately, which may incur separate closings and two separate settlement fees. It is important to take this into consideration when financing and planning to undertake the process of building a custom home.   

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