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Small Appliance Storage: Everything You Need To Know

While some kitchen appliances will do just fine on the counter, you may need more storage space for the rest!

No matter what kind of food you cook, there will always be some small kitchen appliance  that needs to be tucked away or put in storage and only used on a special occasion. In fact, many kitchen appliances and gadgets can look amazing just sitting on a counter top. However, they can often end up taking up a lot of space. Instead of stuffing them all into the back corner, create more customizable storage solutions that can really help get your kitchen into an organized and streamlined place that allows everyone to feel more comfortable in the space overall. Here are some innovative and unique tips to help you get started.

Storage Garage

An appliance garage can really do wonders. A kitchen outfitted with a custom-made appliance garage provides for ample storage solutions that any homeowner would want in their space. In fact, if your kitchen is big enough, you can even have a designated space for all your appliances. This center or hub if you will, can house everything from technology with angled powerstrips, to your most frequently used appliances. Whatever you need, there’s a spot for you to put it! This way, you can easily place the toaster next to the coffee maker, and use them simultaneously. Or, go all out and design a customized beverage bar or a designated beverage station. This will not only be fun to have as a homeowner but serves double duty when it comes to entertaining as well.

Build It

Sometimes, your kitchen is so unique that all you can do is build something and customize your storage solutions yourself. In fact, this is often the best case scenario. For many who love coffee, a built-in coffee system works wonders. Even less intense, an appliance lift is a great option if you have a lot of heavy appliances like stand mixers which can come out from under lower kitchen cabinets without ever having to bend down.

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