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Popular Design Trends for Your York Bathroom Remodel

If you’re thinking about a York bathroom remodel, consider including some of the trending design elements that have been popular this year. From high-tech bathroom gadgets to fancy showers, this year’s York bathroom remodels are all about luxurious additions that will make your bathroom stand out from the crowd. Learn more about the current design trends for your York bathroom remodel in today’s blog.


For your next York bathroom remodel, consider these design trends to make your bathroom feel like a spa.

Popular Design Trends for Your York Bathroom Remodel

High-tech bathrooms

New technology can make your bathroom an exciting and inviting space where you’ll actually want to spend time. Many homeowners are interested in adding unique elements such as colors designed to enhance the mood, built-in audio systems, and medicine cabinet refrigerators which can be used to keep medications and cosmetics fresh.


Luxe showers

The only drawback about the current trend of luxurious showers is that you may see a spike in your water bill because you’ll never want to get out of the shower! Features such as LCD-controlled audio systems, fully adjustible water temperature and pressure, and steam settings will make you feel like you’re at a fancy day spa every time you step into your shower.


Energy efficient fixtures

Saving water is a growing trend this year and, thankfully, many companies are offering designer products that are also energy efficient. Features such as dual-flush toilets which allow you to control the amount of water used and low-flow showerheads can greatly reduce your energy consumption without any sacrifice to your enjoyment. Smart showerheads can also automatically manage water droplet size and speed, decreasing water usage by almost half without any impact to your enjoyment.


Hands-free faucets

A neat trend to hit the market recently are hands-free faucets. You may have seen them in upscale commercial uses but until recently they were not popular in personal residences. However, thanks to rapidly improving technology that is making these fixtures more affordable than ever, homeowners can save water by investing in faucets that automatically detect when they’re not being used and shut themselves off accordingly.


For Your Next York Bathroom Remodel

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