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A New Spin on Traditional Kitchen Design Style

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Here is everything you need to know about the traditional kitchen design style that continues to evolve over time.

When it comes to design terms, a bit of some creative license should be expected. Thus, while tenants of a ‘traditional’ design aesthetic include things featuring ornate woodwork and a cozy ambiance- the traditional kitchen of the 1990s looks extremely different from the traditional kitchen that we currently see in home design. So how can we discuss what it means to have a traditional home aesthetic? Here is everything you need to know about the traditional kitchen design style that continues to evolve over time.

Tenants of a Contemporary Yet Traditional Design

Things often get confusing when trying to design a ‘traditional’ kitchen that tastefully integrates technological innovations and 21st century culture. However, if you seem to be struggling to design a grandma-worthy kitchen, that doesn’t actually look like it was taken out of grandma’s design magazines.

Neutral Shades May Never Go Out of Style

The fact remains that color themes for traditional kitchen designs haven’t really changed all that much. In fact, most traditionalists are innately aiming for that ‘timeless’ design appeal, which means their basic color palette will include muted, neutral colors. Classic white kitchens are constantly ‘on-trend’ as are kitchens incorporating a lot of creams, taupes, grays, greens, and wood tones.

Be Eclectic

Just because you like a traditional kitchen doesn’t mean you have to follow all the traditional rules and mark all the traditionalists check boxes. In fact, incorporating your personality into the space is something that can really make your kitchen come to life. In fact, that rustic antique door will look fantastic in your space. When you are remodeling or just upgrading your kitchen, please don’t be afraid to get a little funky and hang an overstated light fixture over the bar or your kitchen’s eat-in area to add some much anticipated panache.

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