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Making the Most of Your Small Bathroom Remodel in York

One of the most common concerns heard by homeowners is that their bathrooms are too small. Having a bathroom that provides enough space for everything is important if you ever want to be able to keep it clean and organized. Luckily, there are ways of designing your small bathroom remodel to maximize the efficiency of your space. Learn a few tips for designing your small bathroom remodel in today’s blog.


A small bathroom remodel can make the most of your space!

Making the Most of Your Small Bathroom Remodel in York

Create a powder room

A powder room is the smallest type of small bathroom design, consisting of only a toilet and a sink. While small and cozy, a powder room is perfect for guests as it is usually located on your first floor. The best thing about creating a powder room is that its small size and simplicity of design makes it easy and economical to design and execute. In addition to the basics of toilet, sink, lighting, and mirror, you’ll also want to invest in an exhaust fan as well.


Try a three-quarter bath

If you have a little more space to work with, a three-quarter bath is a perfect small bathroom remodel design. Consisting of a sink, toilet, and small shower, a three-quarter bath can be fit into small spaces. These bathrooms are generally intended for guests as the small shower isn’t ideal for a master bath. When designing a small three-quarter bath, be sure to choose a shower with a sliding door as a swinging door would take up too much space when open.


Go all the way with a full bath

While a master full bath would be more extensive, for a small full bath you’ll want to stick with a vanity, toilet, and shower. A pedestal sink is perfect for a small full bath as it takes up little space and the vanity can be installed over it. Shower doors should still be sliding and if your current bathroom door swings inward, you may consider having it switched to swing outward so it does not take up too much of your bathroom’s footprint when open.


Your York Small Bathroom Remodel

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