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Innovative Ideas For Adding A Pantry In Your Kitchen


Every kitchen deserves to have a pantry.

Homeowners that love cooking, enjoy clipping coupons, or have large families will find great use out of having a functional pantry in their kitchen. But if you’re settled in your home and would like to add a pantry to your existing space, there are design options available to make your beloved kitchen more functional for your needs. Collect some style inspirations and connect with your design team to create your dream kitchen.  

Built-In Pantry

There’s probably opportunity in your existing kitchen to add a built-in pantry to your kitchen. It may require giving up some space elsewhere, like with your countertops for example, but it will ultimately give you the extra storage space you need. Your best option in this scenario is to connect an upper cabinet to one below it. Then you’ll be able to add customized shelving to store your spices, baking goods, and other kitchen items. You could even choose to keep a designated amount of space open in your new pantry to store small appliances like your mixer and food processor.

Free-Standing Pantry

There may be a corner or wall in your room that could serve a better purpose to the function of your kitchen. It could be the perfect place to sit a free-standing pantry unit. Use it to show off your creativity by choosing the material, finish, and colors that best complement the overall look and design of your kitchen. Depending on the style that you choose, it will look like an elegant piece of furniture that you’ll know houses all your cooking or cleaning essentials.  This option will probably work best in small kitchens.

Walk-In Pantry

Large kitchens provide the excellent opportunity to create a walk-in pantry. All you have to do is take an existing closet and redesign it to become a fully customized storage space for all your kitchen essentials. By adding amazing customized shelves, drawers, and other storage spaces you can efficiently and effectively organize any way that you see fit. If the area is large enough, you can even add a rolling ladder that makes all of your cooking ingredients, snacks, and canned goods easily accessible.  This is a great solution if you have ample space in your kitchen!

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