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Easy Ways To Add Some Festive Cheer To Your Kitchen During The Holidays

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Creating a festive kitchen for the holidays is easier than you think.

The holidays are here, and while almost everyone decorates their living room and foyer, many homeowners and avid cooks love to decorate the kitchen as well. If you want to add some festive cheer to your kitchen during the holidays this year, here are some fun ways to get started!

Make It Smell Like The Holidays

There are a variety of different holiday scents that can really make an impact during this time of year. From pumpkin spice to cinnamon, the winter, and holiday scents abound. If you are having guests over (or just want to feel a bit more festive), there are many ways you can bring some delicious-smelling holiday cheer to your kitchen:

  • If you are going to be home and can keep an eye on the stove, make a simmering pot of aromatics to make your home smell better than any scented candle. Use apples, oranges, star anise, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and ginger mixed with water and let it slowly simmer, adding additional water as needed to keep the mixture going. Your kitchen and home will smell delectable in no time!
  • Purchase an essential oil diffuser and use a seasonal scent blend like fir or cinnamon to make your kitchen a great-smelling place.
  • If you do have scented candles that you want to burn, make sure that you use candles with natural scents and not an artificial fragrance. Since you are eating in the kitchen, you don’t want to have chemicals in the air or settling on the surfaces.
  • The ultimate in delicious fragrance is cookies, so get baking!

Add Some Fun Decor

Holiday décor is a simple way to add some cheer to your kitchen. To do some natural holiday décor, you should:

  • Put some colorful ornaments that didn’t make it to the tree into a clear canister or storage container.
  • Purchase festive dishtowels and rugs and swap all of them out. This is especially effective if you still have your Halloween or Thanksgiving dishtowels hanging on your oven currently!
  • Place a garland or wreaths in strategic spots in your kitchen, like on windowsills or similar areas. If you also have places in the kitchen that you don’t do food prep, you should add a mini-tree or something similar.

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