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Kid-Friendly York Kitchen Remodel Ideas

When planning your York kitchen remodel, it’s important to make sure that your design ideas are family-friendly. Create a kitchen that’s perfect for adults and kids alike using our handy guide to kid-friendly York kitchen remodel ideas!


Make sure your York kitchen remodel is kid-friendly!

Kid-Friendly York Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Minimal Maintenance for Your York Kitchen

Stainless steel is the go to for most appliances in newer and modern homes. But, are you prepared to constantly clean these stainless steel appliances after your little rascals leave handprints all over everything? Instead of buying actual stainless steel appliances, homeowners have the option of buying faux stainless. It’s much easier to keep faux stainless clean while still showcasing the style and look of stainless steel. For an even better option, consider adding black appliances. If you’re family is especially active and you don’t find yourself with a lot of time to constantly clean your kitchen, then black appliances are one of the best options for a young family.

Consider Safety

Before your York kitchen remodel begins, think about some of the safety concerns you may have for your young children. If you are getting a new stove, some of the newer options include child lookout settings. You can also look for a stove guard that creates a barrier in front of the burners. It’s also important to consider your tiling options. Tile floors with a high sheen look beautiful, but it also creates a slippery surface for younger children and pets.

Utilize Space Wisely

As parents know, the kitchen is more than just a place to eat. A lot of fond memories are built in the kitchen because your children will most likely do their homework there, as well as arts and craft projects. This can really bring a family together, but only if there is enough space to accommodate everyone. If you’re children prefer to do their homework in their room, then you don’t have to allocate extra space for that. It’s all about knowing how your family operates to create the perfect York kitchen remodel.

For Your Next York Kitchen Remodel

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