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Installing 2 Sink Vanity: Advice from Your York Bathroom Remodeler

Are you wondering how many sinks you should install in the vanity in your new bathroom? Many people consider installing a 2 sink vantiy in order to increase the number of people the bathroom can accommodate at one time, which is especially useful if you have young kids. Of course, there are a number of things you need to take into consideration before going forward with a 2 sink bathroom. C.C. Dietz, your York bathroom remodel, has the advice you’re looking for in this week’s blog!


If you have the need and the space, a 2 sink vanity is an ideal solution for your York bathroom remodel.


2 Sink Vanity: Advice from Your York Bathroom Remodeler

How much space do you have?

Space is the deciding factor in determining whether or not you can do 2 sinks in the bathroom vanity. Here are some space requirements your bathroom will need to meet in order to comfortably accommodate a 2 sink vanity.

  • At least 6 feet in length along the wall.
  • At least 1 foot between the center of each sink and the wall to the side of it. This gives you space to wash your hands without bumping your elbows into the wall.
  • No more than 30 inches between the middle of the sink basins. If the distance is greater than this, it makes setting up the plumbing for this setup much more difficult.

In short, you need to have a good amount of space to work with if you want a vanity large enough to accommodate both sinks. If your bathroom is too small, things are likely to be too cramped with a 2 sink setup.

Are you going to use both sinks?

If you’re considering installing a 2 sink vanity, your main reasons for doing so should be practical. If you find in your current bathroom setup that you’re always jostling for countertop space with someone else, or if this is happening to your kids, then a 2 sink solution works great. Otherwise, it’s probably not worth the investment.

Plumbing Considerations

Installing 2 sinks requires some extra plumbing considerations. While the sinks can share a waste line, they will most likely require separate traps and drains. The setup of the drawers in the vanity will affect how the plumbing can be setup, which means that sometimes the vanity itself can interfere with the ideal plumbing setup. You may want to consider getting a custom vanity that is designed to accommodate the best plumbing configuration.

Preparing For Your York Kitchen Remodel

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