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Should I Include a Bathroom in My Basement Remodel?

Are you remodeling your basement? One of the questions you have to ask yourself is whether you should include a bathroom in this remodel. It might seem simple enough to add a bathroom in the basement, but the physics of it can be challenging, which translates into a more expensive project. Of course, the convenience of having a bathroom in the basement may be well worth it, especially in the long run. Learn more about installing a bathroom in your basement so you can determine if you feel it’s worth it in this week’s blog.

Basement Bathrooms

There are two problems that need to be addressed when putting a bathroom in the basement. The first is gravity. The waste has to be pumped out of the bathroom, but since the basement is below grade, it has to be pumped up, against gravity. This can be done, but you need a special system to do it, called a fall.

Essentially, the fall pushes the waste up against gravity to get it to the sewer line. Creating the fall involves a lot of working, including removing a part of the basement slab, excavating underneath, digging a trench for a drainage pipe, and rebuilding the slab. All told, it’s not a cheap process.

You may be able to overcome gravity with a pressure assisted toilet alone, but it depends on your situation. If so, the project will not be as expensive.

The other thing you have to account for is venting sewer gasses to the outside. With above grade bathrooms, this is easy. But with below grade bathrooms, you have to get creative. Installing the toilet against an outside wall means you have to install less piping to vent it away, making it more affordable.

basement bathroom

All told, installing a bathroom in your basement is not the cheapest home improvement project. However, having a bathroom in your basement is very convenient, and may be worth it to you in the long run. In the end, the choice is yours!


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