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Home Design Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

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Beating the heat this summer is easier than you think!

On the east coast, summers can be brutal. Home improvements can be daunting because of the brutal heat and it may be hard to find joy in summer. For your next home improvement project, you may want to consider a few ways you can beat the heat. Let’s explore some ways you can cool down your home overall and lower your electric bill.

Work On Your Walls

The recommendation for exposed brick is that you should utilize it in the kitchen and bathroom-two rooms that can trap heat and steam.Your kitchen deals with battling an oven as well as a refrigerator, and your bathroom competes with steam from showers and baths. Exposed brick is a good choice for these rooms as it takes longer to emit any heat that it absorbs, keeping your rooms cooler.

Change Your Lighting

LED lighting is not only an environmental success due to its use of less electricity but it is generally better at producing less heat. LED lights don’t run using infrared radiation which helps them remain cool to the touch as well as lowering your electric bill without sacrificing light in the process.

Cover Your Windows

It may seem like a basic directive, but some people don’t think about covering their windows. Your windows can act as ovens for your house especially if the sun is hitting them just right. Utilize shades and blinds in your home to help produce some shade and reduce your cooling bill.

Consider Your Countertops

If you are looking for a surprising way to cool down your home, you may want to consider your countertops. Marble is a great choice for your counters anyway as it is tough and attractive. The weight and density of the material require a significant amount of time to absorb heat. As a result, the surface stays cool even on very hot summer days.

Invest In Indoor Plants

Potted plants are a wonderful way to spruce up your home. In fact, indoor plants serve as magnificent air purifiers within a home. As a result, planting some lavender, aloe vera, or grape ivy can really do wonders when the summer heat is upon us.

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