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Empty Nester: How to Design The Perfect Kitchen

Are you ready to remodel the kitchen?

Are you ready to remodel the kitchen?

If your kids have officially flown the nest, it may be time to redo your kitchen. After all, there will be fewer people in the house to have to please. Instead, take advantage of this new chapter in your life and make a dramatic and drastic change. In fact, for empty nesters, getting a kitchen remodel is often the start of a new beginning, not an end to anything. Here are a few ways empty nesters can really make the most out of their kitchen remodel.

Efficient And Organized

When it comes to having the perfect kitchen for an empty nester, clean and organized are high priorities. In fact, most empty nesters are looking for a kitchen that has a clean look and is extremely well-organized. Make use of the drawers and pull-out shelves. Inserting more storage solutions into the new kitchen is a surefire way to get the space to feel cleaner and significantly more organized in no time.

Create A Universal Design

Accessibility to the kitchen is of high importance to many empty nesters. In fact, many designers will often recommend that empty nesters invest in a special placement of the kitchen cabinets so that they are just above your knees and just below the eyes. This type of cabinet placement ensures that anyone can reach what they need in the kitchen, no matter how tall or short they may be. As a result, you get a space that is not only practical but super easy to use.

Low Maintenance

After raising one or more kids, it’s time for empty nesters to work less around the house. In fact, looking for low maintenance materials in the kitchen is always a go-to for the empty nester who is remodeling their kitchen. With so many different types of materials out there, narrowing down your options in terms of maintenance can make deciding on what material to use a lot easier.

Bring Your Vision to Life Today

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