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Designing a Transitional Kitchen: Tips from Your York Kitchen Remodeler

Transitional kitchens are becoming very popular because they combine the functionality and design with old-school charm.

Kitchens are a great way to maintain the value of your home, and as any realtor will tell you, a kitchen can sometimes make or break a sale. Let’s look at a few tips for designing a transitional kitchen.


Transitional kitchens are a popular trend in kitchen design.


Blending New and Old

New kitchens are all about stainless steel, glass and marble. Older kitchens normally feature wood and stone, so it can be difficult to see these different types of materials blending together. New homebuyers tend to like modern looks, but they also want a kitchen that has warmth and character. Transitional kitchens are able to blend materials together seamlessly. With a transitional kitchen, you can have the charm of wood floors and match it with the stainless steel fridge. Blending these elements together not only makes your kitchen unique, but it also will catch the eye of potential buyers whenever you plan to sell.

Neutral Colors

Most people think of neutral colors being bland and boring, but you can actually use different shades of neutral colors to give your transitional kitchen a timeless look. Older kitchens sometimes have wallpaper or wild color schemes that are distracting and don’t match well with current appliances, but neutral colors really help to pull the kitchen together.

Low-Key Cabinets

Kitchens are supposed to be functional, but sometimes homeowners can forget that when vying for elaborate and ornate cabinets. Everyone wants a certain sense of warmth in their kitchen, and basic materials like wood offer an earthy feel that conveys the warmth you’re looking for. The goal for a transitional kitchen is to make your friends and family feel invited, and low-key cabinets help to make your guests feel more comfortable.

The Benefits of Transitional Kitchens

Transitional kitchens are a great way to combine all of your favorite styles. If you like the look of concrete countertops but you want basic wooden cabinets, you are able to combine two different styles that can pair well together. New and old styles can pair together to give you the kitchen of your dreams.

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