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Backsplash: Everything You Wanted To Know

The backsplash used for your kitchen walls can really make or break the entire design!

The number one concern that comes with remodeling a kitchen is where to start and stop it. In fact, this can be difficult specifically when your kitchen is an odd or unusual shape or has a lot of windows. Getting the perfect finished look in your kitchen is something that every homeowner wants. Sometimes, kitchens need a backsplash that can totally make the space pop and stand out. Here are some tips that can help make the remodeling process easier and leave you with a kitchen you love.

Tile The Main Walls Of The Kitchen

Cabinets are common in kitchens. So much so that you’ll really want to tile the walls of your kitchen, especially around the cabinet area. In fact, when a wall goes beyond the cabinets, you’ll want to end the backsplash where the upper and lower cabinets end. Doing so will provide your kitchen with a beautifully clean line that really makes the space appear polished and aesthetically pleasing.

Consider The Size Of The Kitchen

When it comes to small kitchens, it might be better to just cover the entire wall in tile instead of just stopping at the cabinets. In fact, this will provide the eye something to look at which will make the space appear larger. However, in larger sized kitchens covering an entire will not only be costly, but it could end up looking like an eye sore. Instead, stick with the cabinets and let them be your tile guides.

To The Window, To The Wall

If you have a window in your kitchen, you’ll have to work around it when it comes to the backsplash. In fact, if a window cuts into a wall, just pretend like the window isn’t even there and continue tiling around it to the original, normal stopping point. Stopping the backsplash at a window can easily make your space look off balance, which no homeowner wants.

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