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7 Tips for Small Bathroom Remodeling in York

Are you stuck with a small bathroom that doesn’t seem big enough for your needs? A poorly designed bathroom can be incredibly frustrating when you’re constantly banging up against vanities and shower doors.The key with small bathroom remodels is making the most of the space you have and trying to make the space look as large as possible. Here are 10 tips for making the most of your space when remodeling your small bathroom in York.


Sinks with storage underneath are a great choice for small bathrooms.


7 Tips for Small Bathroom Remodeling in York

  1. Install a corner sink. Pedestal sinks often take up prime real estate in small bathrooms and when installed across from a toilet or shower make the room seem even more cramped. Consider installing your sink in the corner to maximize walking space in your bathroom remodel.
  2. Choose a floating vanity. A floating vanity will go a long way in making your small bathroom more visually appealing and will make your whole space seem bigger. It will also free up some floor space underneath that you can use to store linens, toiletries, or any other items you’d like to keep neatly tucked away.
  3. Consider a trough sink. These long and narrow sinks have a much smaller footprint than traditional designs. Their sleek design will free up walking space and make the room appear larger. It’s also a unique element which will add style and personality to your small bathroom.
  4. Use a wall-mounted faucet. When space is at a premium, every inch counts! Free up some counter space by installing a wall-mounted faucet.
  5. Install built-in shelves. Keeping things neat and organized is a top priority in a small bathroom because any visual clutter will make your room appear smaller. Make the most of your space by keeping your toiletries and other items neat and organized in specially designed built-in shelves.
  6. Add a window. While this may not be possible in all rooms, if it is an option it is worth considering. Extra natural light will make your York bathroom appear much bigger and more inviting.
  7. Add a glass shower with a sliding door. A glass shower will allow light to flow through which will make your small bathroom feel much bigger. Choose an enclosure with a sliding door so that you don’t lose precious space when opening the shower.

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