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5 Common York Bathroom Remodeling Problems That You Can’t See

One of the scariest things about undertaking a bathroom remodel is that you never know what you’re going to find once you get started. Some of the biggest problems that complicate a remodel are ones that are hidden behind walls or under floors. Although you won’t be able to know exactly what problems you might run into during your remodel, but here are some of the most common unseen culprits of bathroom remodeling headaches.


These bathroom remodeling problems can cause huge headaches.

5 Common York Bathroom Remodeling Problems That You Can’t See

Floor framing problems

Once you tear up the tiling and subflooring in your bathroom, it’s not uncommon to find structural deficiencies underneath. Many plumbers notch floor joists in such a way that leves them too weak to properly support flooring material. If the problem is not fixed, your new tile floor may quickly crack or possibly even collapse.

Corroded plumbing

Historically, cast iron and galvanized steel have been the most common material used for indoor plumbing lines but over time, these can become corroded. If your York bathroom remodeler finds corroded plumbing pipes, you’ll need to have them replaced in order to ensure proper water pressure.

Improper waterproofing

Another very common problem you may run into during a bathroom remodel is a tiled shower area that is not completely waterproofed. Tiled shower and tub surrounds should be built over a waterproof membrane as tile and grout themselves are not adequately waterproof. However, many contractors, especially in older homes, skipped this crucial step, which can quickly lead to dangerous amounts of mold growth.

Ineffective vent fans

If you’re lucky enough to have a vent fan in your York bathroom, it’s highly possible that it is not ducted properly. Many fly-by-night contractors skimp on vent fans by neglecting to duct them at all or by directing the duct into the attic or basement where the moist air accumulates and can quickly cause bigger issues.



Many bathrooms are plagued by mold growing inside the wall cavities. This can be due to a lack of waterproofing, poor ventilation, as well as a host of other reasons. No matter the cause, it’s a major issue that will need to be addressed during your York bathroom remodel.

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