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4 Bathroom Renovations to Make Before You Sell Your Home 

Outside of making kitchen repairs, performing a bathroom renovation before you sell your home is a critical step to attract potential buyers.

Real estate agents will tell you that most buyers in this market don’t want to deal with a fixer upper, so it’s critical that your home appeals to the modern market. Let’s take a look at bathroom renovations that can help sell your home.


What bathroom renovations should you make before you sell your home?

1. Repaint Walls

You can never underestimate what a fresh coat of paint can do for a room. You want to stick to light and neutral colors when renovating your bathroom, but you can play off your tile color to give the bathroom a unique look. If the tiles are a little too colorful, however, then just stick with white paint. Potential homeowners want everything to look clean and simple.

2. Update Fixtures

You don’t want the knob to the bathroom door to fall off when a potential homebuyer visits your open house, so any broken or worn down fixtures need to be replaced. A brand new faucet can also make an entire bathroom look like a million dollars, and this will go a long way to impress any buyers. Not everyone will appreciate the charm of older fixtures, so it’s best to work with a real estate agent and contractor who know the current market trends and what people are looking for.

3. Increase Storage Space

Young families want to live in a house that they can grow into, so creating storage space through bathroom renovation projects is an important step to take to attract young homebuyers. You can increase the storage space by doing something as simple as building deeper medicine cabinets, or you could include shelving units and pull-out shelves in the vanity to create the storage space homebuyers are looking for.

4. Replace Your Vanity

A potential homebuyer will visualize himself or herself living in your home before they make a purchasing decision, and having a great vanity can add to the positive visualizations the new homebuyer can envision. Vintage vanities have charm, but some vanities are just too old to fit into modern styles and bathroom designs. Adding a more contemporary vanity to your bathroom renovations checklist can pay off big time.

Is your bathroom in need of a major overhaul or a few tweaks before you sell your home?

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