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3 Kitchen Design Rules You Should Break For Your Next Remodel

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Designing the perfect kitchen is easier than you think!

Rules are meant to be broken. The rebels in all of us want to ditch the rulebook and pave our own path. The same applies to kitchen designs. In fact, when you embark on a kitchen remodel it is important to let your creativity and personality shine through. Here, just a few ways to let your inner rebel reign supreme.

Mixing White And Cream

You can absolutely mix colors in your kitchen. In fact, combining white and cream can be a great way to add depth and dimension to a bright kitchen. These days, the rise in white kitchens continues to grow. Adding some cream into the mix can create a wonderful depth and dimension in the space. Furthermore, the key to combining white and cream is to use restraint. For instance, you want to choose a specific accent like a range hood and use cream instead of white, in an all-white kitchen. Combining two similar hues adds just the perfect amount of character to any space.

Only Use One Tile Style

Using more than one tile style is actually a great way to create a unique kitchen design that is inviting and warm. If you can’t decide between tiles, you don’t have to. In fact, combining two different tile styles is a great way to show your personality in your kitchen. Whenever you remodel a room in your home it can become overwhelming making specific decisions about materials and fabrics. Allowing yourself time to consider the tile choices is an excellent way to reduce your stress and provide your kitchen with a distinct design that is all your own.

Avoiding Dark Decor

Now is the time to embrace the dark side of things. The next time you decide to remodel your kitchen, step away from the bright whites and instead choose dark hues such as navy. In fact, stormy hues and charcoal accents are making a huge impact in kitchens lately. Furthermore, you can balance out any dark hues with white tiles or other accents that allow you a nice balance in your kitchen.

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