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3 Creative Ideas for Including an Island in Your York Kitchen Remodel

When remodeling your York kitchen, it often makes sense to have a kitchen island installed as well. A well-planned island offers many benefits and can make your space feel bigger without a lot of effort. In today’s blog, we offer some inspiration and ideas for how you can use an island as part of your York kitchen remodel to make your kitchen more efficient, effective, and enjoyable! Learn more, below.


A kitchen island can transform your York kitchen remodel.

3 Creative Ideas for Including an Island in Your York Kitchen Remodel

Extra counter space

One of the most obvious benefits of a kitchen island is the added countertop space it provides. You can use its top for prep cooking and the island can be designed to include storage space below, freeing up precious countertop space and making your kitchen look more streamlined and organized. This is by far the most popular use of a kitchen island and for good reason! There is no easier way to extend your countertop space than to include an island in your York kitchen remodel.

Cooking space

A recent emerging trend has shown that homeowners are thinking more creatively about how they use their York kitchen space by moving their cooking range to an island. If you plan on going this route, be sure to talk through the logistics with your York kitchen remodel contractor as you may require a ventilation hood which can make installation tricky. But by moving your cooking to the island, you’ll free up cabinet space where the ventilation hood used to be. It also adds an interesting focal point to your York kitchen, making the space unique and memorable.

Move the sink

Installing a sink in your kitchen island will make prep cooking a breeze! It also makes your York kitchen more interesting and unique and can allow you to look out into other parts of your home while doing dishes rather than staring at a wall or out a window. You could also install a bar sink, which would only take up a portion of your island, leaving the rest open for other uses such as socializing.

Your York Kitchen Remodel

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