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2 Unique Kitchen Floor Plan Design Ideas For Any Home

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Remodeling your kitchen can do wonders for your overall home!

When remodeling or updating a kitchen, homeowners are searching for a combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal. In fact, kitchens offering the optimal combination of function and beauty provide the most bang for your buck when it comes time to sell the home. As a result, when you undergo a kitchen remodel, having a design plan in mind is always a great way to let contractors understand your vision better and create a space that works for the specific needs of the family. Here are just a few of the less common kitchen floor plans that are typically found in homes to give you an idea of the various options to choose one and decide which layout works best for you.

Single-Wall Kitchens

Also known as I-shape kitchens, this specific layout provides homeowners with a configuration that uses every square inch of the kitchen space. Typically found in smaller homes and apartments, I-shape kitchens provide for a lot of storage of food prep stations. The key to having I-shaped kitchens have optimal functionality is to place all kitchen appliances as close together as possible in order to optimize cabinet space for storage. In fact, added recessed cabinets in I-shaped kitchens will provide ample storage no matter how large or small the kitchen space is.

Galley Kitchens

More often than not a galley kitchen is comprised of two sides with an aisle in between them. Ideally, you want the aisle between the walls to be no less than thirty-six inches in width in order for the kitchen to be easily accessible and thereby functional as well. In fact, when designing a galley kitchen measurements becoming increasingly important to provide enough space for comfort and function especially in smaller homes. More often than not, the best way to design a galley kitchen for optimal functionality is to place all appliances against one of the walls, leaving the other wall for cabinets and storage.

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